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  1. kessel print run

    Date 26 Sep 2014
    The Kessel Run is the very dangerous 18 parsec route used by the galaxy’s smugglers to avoid detection by the Empire. This is the very same route our favourite scruffy looking nerf herder was famously able to complete in less than 12 parsecs. This was only possible due to a…

  2. star wars

    Date 24 Sep 2014
    The original Star Wars trilogy…. I remember bringing home each of the three movies from the local Blockbuster for the first time. I remember unwrapping the box set for Chrismas from Santa. I remember the first Star Wars toy I received; Boba Fett (a reward for being a good boy…

  3. lobby

    Date 22 Sep 2014
    I was asked to shoot some promo images for a new Toronto based band called Lobby. They’ve created a unique style of dark and sophisticated pop music which can be heard below. Catch them this Friday, Sept. 26 at the Garrison.

  4. alexander shelley for NACO

    Date 08 Sep 2014
    I recently collaborated with the talented folks at Giants and Gentlemen for the NACO to shoot some portraits of the new conductor of the National Art Centre Orchestra; Alexander Shelley. He will be replacing the Maestro Pinchas Zuckerman in 2015. It was really fun to hit up my home town…

  5. tobermory

    Date 03 Sep 2014
    I got a chance to help out friend and photographer Meaghan Ogilvie as she shoots for a beautiful Pan Am Games art exhibit. I managed to snap a few photos to and from the dive locations. Tobermory is such a beautiful area. Oh, and in true fun times fashion, here’s…

  6. under the sea

    Date 17 Aug 2014
    I went under water via the aid of Ripley and had my camera with me. I love me some sub surface aminals!

  7. future shop

    Date 15 Aug 2014
    The awesome folks at John St and I teamed up to work on some fun back to school transit ads for Future Shop! Here are the four ads that are sprinkled around Toronto/Canada. Thanks Emma and Jen over at John St for a smooth shoot, The Gas Company Inc for…

  8. portaging through the interior

    Date 07 Aug 2014
    Here are some of my favourite photos from the portage I did last weekend through the interior of Algonquin Park. 70 ish km of paddling and portaging in 2.5 days. Oh… Canada, you are beautiful.

  9. ryan hemsworth - sucker for punishment

    Date 05 Aug 2014
    I shot a little promo for the super awesome Ryan Hemsworth’s new Sucker for Punishment tour. Super stoked on working with him; I’m a huge fan of his work. Here’s the poster and the little vid I shot for the tour. Turn up that volume, as this teaser track is…

  10. cottage lindsay

    Date 28 Jul 2014
    I visited a cottage with some friends and I turned the camera on our host, Lindsay. Here are a few images I took of her. It was a beautiful cottage. More shots from the weekend can be seen on my tumblr linked in the upper right corner.

  11. rodrigo

    Date 23 Jul 2014
    Here’s a shot of photographer and friend Rodrigo.

  12. lights

    Date 15 Jul 2014
    I shot a simple series of my favourite light modifiers the other day. There’s something humorous to me in these “portraits”. Maybe I am showing my huge nerd side for lighting, but I find they all have their own personalities… Whether it be the “take it how I am” bare…

  13. my family

    Date 30 Jun 2014
    Sometimes a travel job lines up well, and you can visit your parents while working. Being the type of person that I am, photo obsessed, I decided to snap a few photos of my parents to test out the new 50mm equiv teleconverter for the x100s. So far I’m loving…

  14. light testing with poppa dagg

    Date 29 Jun 2014
    Whenever I visit Ottawa, I always end up snapping some of my dad. He wanted some new photos for his twitter/online presence, so I snapped some for him. I took this after when I was playing with the shadows their house leaves against the hedge.

  15. nicole k

    Date 24 Jun 2014
    Nicole came by and I shot some portraits of her.

  16. neil

    Date 16 Jun 2014
    This is Neil Wysocki. He has a blog called Bit Pigeon. He asked me if I would take a photo of him, so I came up with the above photograph. It was a risk, but after weeks upon weeks of pigeon scouting, we found the perfect pigeon in Geoff. He…

  17. my father

    Date 15 Jun 2014
    I’ve been incredibly lucky to have two amazing parents. But, today is fathers day, and inspired by this day, I went through my drives and sifted through negative sleeves to put together a collection of some my favourite times he has been in front of my camera. Whether it was…

  18. peter

    Date 14 Jun 2014
    Here’s a portrait I shot of my friend Peter. He has cool style and an awesome beard.

  19. the friend that went viral

    Date 11 Jun 2014
    This may seem a little familiar to some of you. With thousands of reblogs on the tumblr, tens of thousands of likes on various internet sites, and being memed for daysssss, a light test joke of buddy Matt Le Blanc has turned into some sort of internet hit… So, to…

  20. eric

    Date 10 Jun 2014
    A friend of mine was visiting Toronto from Ottawa and in typical photographer style I took some portraits of him.

  21. kayleigh

    Date 08 Jun 2014
    I took a portrait of my friend Kayleigh a few days ago. It’s her birthday next week!

  22. nikki s - yoga

    Date 04 Jun 2014
    My friend Nikki is working on her yoga business, and she asked me to take some photos of her for her site. We ended up using the view of her apartment to do a simple splash image portrait. YOGA!

  23. 4ormat spotlight

    Date 28 May 2014
    It was super nice get an email from 4ormat about featuring my work on their site as an example of how people use their service. I’ve loved using 4ormat since I got it a few years ago, and since then - it’s been nothing but a breeze to work with.…

  24. this is a knife

    Date 22 May 2014
    The Grid commissioned me to shoot some portraits of amazing chefs in the city with one of their favourite knives for their Chef’s Guide to Toronto issue. These were the 8 photographs that ran. Fun times with knives!!

  25. the lucky ones

    Date 15 May 2014
    I was commissioned by Sportsnet Magazine to shoot a photo of two super young NHLers who now play on the London Knights. It’s an interesting story describing these two talented rookies in the NHL (Buffalo and Vancouver) and their story between the OHL and NHL. I have to say, shooting…

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