I loved Space channel on TV when I was younger. It was channel 50 in Ottawa and it would be on almost all the time (only thing that came close was Discovery). I love sci fi and science a little too much.

So, when the guys at InnerSpace contacted me about doing a feature on me and my work, I giddily accepted. It was really fun, and I put a lot of thought into how I could make something my young self would want to watch. If you were ever curious about how I did the Star Wars series, I hope you enjoy what I created for the show (the image above)

I haven’t seen it (I can’t watch myself on TV…) but I can only assume the awesome team at Innerspace did a fantastic job making me look cooler than I am. I hope you enjoy it!
On a related note, I can’t be happier with the response to the Star Wars series. I never thought so many people would identify with such a personal series.

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