The folks over at Cleansheet approached me to shoot some creative work for Canadian Cancer Society’s Mudmoiselle Mud Run a few months ago.  After a few changes to the direction and new ideas, we locked down a plan and started working on the campaign.  Talent were all real women and some of them had never even been to a photoshoot before!  It’s always fun to introduce someone to a bigger production and they all did a great job.

I love doing charity work.  It’s a nice change of pace and it feels good bringing expertise to a shoot that will help people.  

At the end of the day, I had fun getting messy and jumping around in the mud.  Thanks to the crew, who also donated their time or lowered their rates so we could produced this campaign for them.

Check out some of the other shots and some extras from the site below!

Client: Canadian Cancer Society

Agency: Cleansheet Communications

Art Director: Denny Kurien

Account Supervisor: Sari Waldman

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Readings

Styling: Kate O’Reilly

Mud Creating Superstar: Cheryl Thompson

Assistant: Logan Allmendinger

Thanks to all involved!

We had to build a pretty awesome mud pit in studio which was super fun and super messy (as you can see).  

Oh, and here’s a bonus series I call “Logan in Flight” during our preflight prelight.  JUMP LOGAN JUMP!

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