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  1. 4ormat spotlight

    2014-05-28 15:54:07 UTC
    It was super nice get an email from 4ormat about featuring my work on their site as an example of how people use their service. I’ve loved using 4ormat since I got it a few years ago, and since then - it’s been nothing but a breeze to work with.…

  2. this is a knife

    2014-05-22 13:24:56 UTC
    The Grid commissioned me to shoot some portraits of amazing chefs in the city with one of their favourite knives for their Chef’s Guide to Toronto issue. These were the 8 photographs that ran. Fun times with knives!!

  3. the lucky ones

    2014-05-15 13:55:26 UTC
    I was commissioned by Sportsnet Magazine to shoot a photo of two super young NHLers who now play on the London Knights. It’s an interesting story describing these two talented rookies in the NHL (Buffalo and Vancouver) and their story between the OHL and NHL. I have to say, shooting…

  4. ADCC - interactive

    2014-05-09 16:53:23 UTC
    I was approached by Denver and Jake over at John St to create images for an ADCC tech event invite. It’s a hilarious concept, and it was fun to shoot for sure. I think this may have been my smallest subject yet! For more information, check out

  5. kate and her knee

    2014-05-07 14:25:43 UTC
    This is my friend Kate. She had a pretty serious knee surgery (ACL/LCL/miniscus repair) a few months ago and I was lucky enough to be the first camera she got in front of after said surgery. Welcome her back to the modelling game and wish her luck on the continuation…


    2014-05-06 17:39:37 UTC
    I was commissioned by BMW and Cundari to shoot a series of images for Contact using a BMW 4 series coupé with the specific theme described below. I decided to go away from the literal interpretation of “reflection” and created a series that uses the shadows and highlights created by…


    2014-05-06 17:34:05 UTC
    With 4ormat adding blog support, I’ve switched my blog to be included in my website. These are fancy times! If you wish to go back in time to the old blog, feel free to click the link below. Otherwise, INTO THE FUTURE WE GO! THE OLD BLOG

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