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  1. safe school network

    2015-09-14 11:50:00 UTC
    I loved this concept when I was first introduced to it.  It’s simple, subtle, and powerful, which is right up my alley.  It required a lot more technical shooting than it looks like it did as well, which is always a refreshing use of photoshop in my opinion; there’s no…

  2. the production vehicle

    2015-09-12 15:30:00 UTC
    I directed/shot this short teaser video to announce that VERY soon to be re-named ISIS studio has a new production vehicle available to rent. Vroom Vroom!  

  3. peter dyakowski

    2015-08-26 19:15:00 UTC
    I was commissioned by Sportsnet Magazine to shoot Peter Dyakowski of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to use their stadium and he only had 15 minutes after a practice to get a few locations/shots, but he was incredibly receptive and photogenic which made for a fun shoot.  

  4. lobby

    2015-07-20 22:43:00 UTC
    I shot some photographs of my friend Mike K, who happens to be in a great band called Lobby.  We created a series of images of a certain feeling for the band.  

  5. Joanne and Alex

    2015-07-20 22:11:00 UTC
    It’s always really nice to get commissioned to shoot portraits by the subjects themselves.  It’s even better when said portraits are shot on location! Alex and Joanne (VPs of Marketing for Boston Pizza International) asked me if I’d like to take their portraits and this is what we shot over…

  6. Shoppers Drug Mart

    2015-07-06 17:26:00 UTC
    I shot this image for Shoppers Drug Mart with John St a few months ago.  I really like transforming a space into something it’s not so it was pretty fun figuring out how to create this environment in studio.  It also gives me opportunities to add subtle touches… like sneaky…

  7. the new 10

    2015-06-29 16:55:00 UTC
    When I was asked to be a part of this project by Marie and Jamie at Rethink I immediately said yes.  I love projects like these.   So, over the next few days, we created this video for AAUW - I’ll let it speak for itself. For more information, please share…

  8. sour soul

    2015-06-09 18:28:00 UTC
    Oh ya, I forgot to post it on the blog, but here is the cover of BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah’s new album, Sour Soul!  Now if only they spelled my name correctly… (Thomas Daag shot the cover). Here’s an outtake that I rather like (the last frame on the roll). …

  9. mudmoiselle

    2015-06-07 17:12:00 UTC
    The folks over at Cleansheet approached me to shoot some creative work for Canadian Cancer Society’s Mudmoiselle Mud Run a few months ago.  After a few changes to the direction and new ideas, we locked down a plan and started working on the campaign.  Talent were all real women and…

  10. out with the old…

    2015-06-06 20:09:00 UTC
    EDIT : I shot a video of us teasing the new name for ISIS Studio and showed us playfully destroying the old business cards.  I was made aware of the fact that the real ISIS has burned people to death and have since  taken the video down out of respect.…

  11. sean cummins

    2015-05-21 21:34:00 UTC
    It’s a quick portrait post on the blog tonight! I was commissioned by Marketing Magazine to photograph Sean Cummins, CEO of Cummins and Partners.  They’ve just opened (as of now) a branch in Toronto, so we decided to shoot him while the offices were still under construction.  Here’s my favourite…

  12. alexander shelley outtake

    2015-05-05 21:11:00 UTC
    It’s been slower on the blog lately as I wait for projects to get released/get tears from clients, but I did get approval to share this outtake from the NACO campaign shoot featuring the talented Alexander Shelley!  (Check the other blog post to see more images of him from a…

  13. tangerine - coach

    2015-03-26 14:08:00 UTC
    A few weeks ago, I worked with one of the great teams at John St to shoot some ads for Tangerine.  This is the first shot that’s been released (stripped of the copy).  Basketball!

  14. badbadnotgood

    2015-03-13 19:32:00 UTC
    I took some photos of the members of BADBADNOTGOOD for promotion of their new album Sour Soul (upcoming blog post) and I thought I’d share some of my favourite personal shots.

  15. NACO part one

    2015-02-26 15:29:00 UTC
    Last year, the fun folks at Giants and Gentlemen and I traveled to my home town of Ottawa to produce work for a new campaign for the National Art Centre Orchestra. I’m excited to share part one of the campaign: photos showcasing some of the incredible talent in the NACO.…

  16. now represented by SPARKS!!

    2015-02-24 20:10:00 UTC
    I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m now represented by SPARKS PHOTOGRAPHERS!!!! I’m honoured to have a spot amongst all the very talented photographers already on their roster and I’m really looking forward to working with their wonderful team as I continue doing what I love to do so very…

  17. a canadian weekend

    2015-02-24 15:31:00 UTC
    I’ve always been a massive fan of the outdoors so when Mr Jason Gordon invited me up to his family land over the long weekend, I gave the only possible answer - a very enthusiastic yes. This weekend also happened to be the coldest weather we’d seen so far this…

  18. BMO: de-cereal

    2015-02-19 13:25:00 UTC
    A few months ago, I shot a few ads for BMO with the folks over at KBS+. These real situations were super fun to shoot and the talent was hilarious. The first one was released a week or so ago. Stay tuned for the other two!

  19. jason g and lake ontario

    2015-02-09 18:47:15 UTC
    Sometimes work brings you to really cool locations at the perfect time and last Friday’s set was a prime example of that. Here’s my good pal Jason and I exploring the “set” while we waited for the rest of the crew to arrive. Not shown here: frozen toes…

  20. nikki s

    2015-01-29 15:07:30 UTC
    We have a quick post today! A friend of mine, Nikki S, needed some new photos for her book so she asked me to take some. Here’s my fav shot.

  21. Innerspace

    2015-01-22 18:16:07 UTC
    I loved Space channel on TV when I was younger. It was channel 50 in Ottawa and it would be on almost all the time (only thing that came close was Discovery). I love sci fi and science a little too much. So, when the guys at InnerSpace contacted me…

  22. marg green and the power of photo

    2015-01-05 16:00:14 UTC
    When my Great Aunt Marg passed away at 97 a few weeks ago I was left with frustration and grief. Although her passing wasn’t a sudden event, her death left very strange feelings. Unfortunately, as I was finding my mind and myself, she was loosing hers through dementia. It’s a…

  23. the 2014 holidays

    2015-01-02 20:26:45 UTC
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL For the first post of 2015, I go back to how I spent the last days of 2014. The holiday time for me always involves family and friends, the outdoors, and a camera. I have a deep love for photo documentary work, especially when it…

  24. tj flood

    2014-12-19 16:03:33 UTC
    The guys over at Cleansheet commissioned me to photograph Strategy Magazine’s Marketer of the Year, TJ Flood. TJ is an amazing person who’s working hard as the SVP of Marketing at Canadian Tire to help people play. Check the article out in the latest issue of Strategy Magazine. Thanks to…

  25. how to cheat

    2014-11-21 16:26:09 UTC
    I was commissioned by Sportsnet Magazine to shoot an article on cheating. It’s a super interesting read, I recommend picking up a copy! It was a fun and different thing to shoot; I rarely shoot 2D subject matter.

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