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  1. Precedent Magazine - Yovan and Ashleigh

    2017-10-13 13:41:00 UTC
    I was commissioned to shoot Yovan Grulovic and Ashleigh Tomlinson for an insert for Bond University in Precedent Magazine.  I was asked to shoot a few different portraits with different looks that complimented each other.  Here’s an alt of Yovan, as well as the two images used.

  2. Responsible Gambling Council

    2017-09-28 16:28:00 UTC
    I was approached by the great folks over at lg2 to work with them on an awesome and super technical concept for Responsible Gambling Council. It was a long and very detail oriented process that had us carefully photographing talent, bringing out the subtlest of emotions while keeping their faces…

  3. mark’s spring

    2017-05-04 17:00:00 UTC
    Last fall, I shot another campaign for Mark’s.  Here are my fav shots and and alts from this spring campaign.  It was a good challenge transforming one location into many different locations on a super tight schedule and creating a spring or summer feeling situation in the late and quite…

  4. conflict

    2017-05-03 18:17:00 UTC
    When Niall approached me in need of portraits for a new creative endeavour (Conflict), I of course said I was interested.  I’ve always had a great time photographing him in the past and loved his thoughts and plan for Conflict. I don’t use a vivid background very often, so it…

  5. off season tourists

    2017-03-28 13:44:00 UTC
    I’m getting a bit nostalgic for adventures, so here’s a post about a time a few months ago when we went packed our backpacks and set off in a direction with no real destination in mind.  We ended up exploring the Bruce Peninsula area very very off season and were…

  6. makers

    2017-03-24 12:54:00 UTC
    Friend and producer extraordinaire Kirsten White asked me if I’d be interested in taking some portraits of her fellow producers of Makers and of course I said yes.  Makers is a collection of innovative producers that work on cross platform projects.  They produce everything from digital to broadcast and from…

  7. mark’s

    2016-10-20 19:51:00 UTC
    Back in August, I was asked to photograph Mark’s outerwear campaign. It was a busy two days running around from location to location, but here’s what the team and I came up with. Thanks to the awesome crew for helping me pull off fall and winter on the hottest days…

  8. hello life

    2016-10-13 20:16:00 UTC
    A few months ago, I was asked to shoot a campaign for Hello Life that had us do a combo of stills + cinemagraphs.  We shot a wide range of activities, locations, and items over two days.  Here are some of my favourites from the shoot, as well as the…

  9. tavis coburn

    2016-09-28 18:08:00 UTC
    It was awesome to be asked by the incredibly amazing illustrator Tavis Coburn (seriously, check his work out, it’s unreal) to take some portraits.  Here are a few of my favourite shots that we came away with over the span of a beautiful morning.

  10. canada’s flag-bearer

    2016-07-22 21:48:00 UTC
    I’m so proud to have met and photographed Rosie MacLennan a few months ago.  As of yesterday, she was nominated to be our Canadian flag-bearer at the olympic games!!  It’s incredibly inspiring to see how hard she pushes herself and I consider myself quite lucky to have met her and…

  11. december moon

    2016-07-04 16:01:00 UTC
    Over a year ago, I was asked to be a part of an interesting project to do with JF Robitaille’s new album Palace Blues.  The goal was to have a group of artists produce work based off their interpretations of the lyrics to a chosen song.   I was given the…

  12. sport chek olympics

    2016-06-21 20:41:00 UTC
    After sitting on these for a while, this job finally starts going live today, so here’s a preliminary blog post because I’m impatient and want to share. A few months ago, I flew to Vancouver to take on the challenge of shooting 4 olympic athletes in 10 hours for Sport…

  13. crown land camping

    2016-06-01 19:41:00 UTC
    A week or two ago, I took a bus to the North Bay area and headed out by boat across 40km of Lake Nipissing to fish and camp in crown land.  We’d beach the boat every night and make camp wherever we found a great looking piece of land (I…

  14. bill gregson

    2016-05-31 15:13:00 UTC
    I was commissioned to take a portrait of Bill Gregson by Ronit over at Canadian Business.  He’s an interesting guy and happens to be the CEO of Cara.

  15. silver and bronze

    2016-05-12 16:07:00 UTC
    I’m very happy to say that our #TheNew10 spot won a silver and a bronze pencil at the One Show last night!   I worked with the awesome folks at Rethink and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) on a PSA that flips the U.S. Treasury’s #TheNew10 campaign on its…

  16. squamish

    2016-04-21 21:01:00 UTC
    I shot in Vancouver earlier this week and flew in early.  I decided to drive up to Squamish by myself and poke around.  What a beautiful area… … even the flight home was stunning!

  17. three national parks

    2016-04-05 21:26:00 UTC
    If you feel the urge to be in the middle of nowhere right now, here’s the last time I went exploring in the Alberta/BC wilderness.  I need to get back there…

  18. away magazine - FESTI

    2016-03-15 14:10:00 UTC
    I was commissioned by Liz to shoot the FESTI facilities for Pearson Airport’s AWAY magazine.  Here are a few of my favourite’s from the time we spent there.  

  19. andrew potter

    2016-03-09 20:34:00 UTC
    I was commissioned to photograph Andrew Potter, an editor of the Ottawa Citizen, for University Affairs Magazine.  Thanks to Underline Studio for working with me to make an awesome location and a great guy come together for the article. Here’s an outtake as well.

  20. canadian running cover

    2016-03-04 14:42:00 UTC
    I was asked to shoot the cover of Canadian Running Magazine a month or so ago.  Here’s my favourite outtake.

  21. sport chek

    2016-01-25 20:57:00 UTC
    I’m really happy to release a campaign I worked on with the amazing production and creative teams from TBWA Chiat Day New York to come up with this raw photography style shoot for Sport Chek.  It’s currently taking over the Dundas Square billboards (photo at the end), as well as…

  22. canadian running magazine

    2016-01-14 18:21:00 UTC
    I was asked to shoot a series of images for Canadian Running Magazine a month or two ago for a cold weather running story. It was a very intimate shoot (just two talent, the art director, and myself) that used many locations and clothing options over the daylight hours (and…

  23. a family trip - part one

    2016-01-05 19:10:00 UTC
    Happy New Year!  I wanted to start 2016 off with one of the best things to happen to me in 2015.   The two people at the start of this post are my parents.  Any love for the outdoors and the natural world that I have can be directly related to…

  24. ed clark and hydro one

    2015-12-08 15:11:00 UTC
    It’s been a while since the last blog post.  I’m looking forward to posting more on what I’ve been working on now that things have slowed down a little. I was commissioned by Report on Business magazine a few weeks ago to create photographs for a story on Ed Clark…

  25. matt duchene

    2015-10-07 14:49:00 UTC
    I worked with King Marketing and 2XU to roll some video of friend James Waring shooting their new sponsored athlete, Matt Duchene.  I snapped this portrait of him after we had wrapped and I thought I’d share it on the blog.  He was an incredibly nice and enthusiastic guy which…

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